A message from Chairman Don Peters:

Hello and thank you for visiting our Lycoming County Republican Committee website. At our site it will see and read about some of the purposes, ideals and activities of our Committee and of the Republican Party in general.

The term “Republican” in America is historically credited to supporters of Thomas Jefferson who favored a decentralized government with limited powers. This very concept is contained in the 10th Amendment of our Constitution which, in its entirety, simply states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution [such as taxation, declaring war, establishing our military, “coinage” of money, etc.], nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” (Emphasis added). The “Republican Party” was later officially founded and named in 1854 by conservative anti-slavery activists who believed in the complete abolition of slavery anywhere in our Country.

These Republican founding ideals, as part of our legacy, reveal much about the values still cherished by the Republican Party today, and can be summarized in two words – FREEDOM and JUSTICE! Freedom from such things as big government, over taxation, unjust Federal laws and regulations, governmental corruption and an unjust legal system. The words that end our Pledge of Allegiance summarize our beliefs well: “…with Liberty and Justice for all.”

We in the Lycoming County Republican Party continue to fully support these ideals. Our mission as a committee is to identify and support candidates for political office at all level as of government who strongly support conservative ideals. We also focus on registering and educating our voting populous in Lycoming County. Our Committee is structured to have two representatives from each voting precinct in Lycoming County.  While our committee currently has representatives from many of our precincts throughout the County, we also have many vacancies.

If you are an individual that holds the conservative values that represent our Republican Party, and would want to become more involved, please consider applying to a join our committee. To determine if the voting precinct in which you reside is vacant, please follow this link. If you have questions relating to this process, please email us at info.lycogop@gmail.com.

Don Peters
Lycoming County Republican Committee